Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am really quite sad that the blog and my video channel have completely gotten out from under me. It isn't for lack of creativity, as I am busier than ever, but the solitary pursuits like the Broadcast project and the studies have been totally neglected. I have only made one new mix in 6 months. That's what happens when you have shows almost every weekend and are trying to create content to keep up with it all.

I fondly think back to the 8 months I had where all I seemed to do was take long walks, spend all evening working on whatever I chose, and had a normal job. Normality is quite derided. But I value it more and more as only someone who has spent so much of their life living the uncertain artists' life. Regular hours can be good for the soul. Too much of anything- be it wacky artsy unpredictability or stultifying regularity- is too much.

I think I have gotten myself to a point where I can begin the personal projects again. I will be starting school in late August, and that shall be a special priority. But before then I really want to get back in that groove. My own personal creative stuff makes me just as happy as the public, and I miss it. SO before the end of the week there shall be some new stuff on this blog, the channel, or both. I don't humor myself into thinking too many care, but at least if I write it down this way then there is the shame factor of the public statement. One must follow through. And no shows this weekend. It will practically be a vacation.