Friday, September 30, 2011

For Halloween- Radio Noir

I adore film noir. Its the closest to German Expressionism that American cinema ever approached. All those big cars sliding down foggy streets, the high contrast, the shadows, the paranoia....

I have also always been a fan of old radio shows, specifically, the suspense and horror ones like "Inner Sanctum" and "Lights Out". Not all of them are frightening, some are just charming- but occasionally, they do manage to give you a good dose of the creeps.

I have been collecting the best for some time and intend on offering many of them on this blog, especially this month due to the impending holiday. This offering contains five shows that I personally found to hit the mark when it came to the uncanny, and all exemplify the same qualities I love in film noir. Hence, Radio Noir.

My favorite, "The Hitchhiker", is missing from this upload, only because I plan on offering an all-Orson-Welles collection in the near future. But I think these will suffice nicely.

There are a couple of selections from Arch Obler's fantastic series "Lights Out", with its wonderful intro of "". Always gives me the shivers. My favorite in this upload is from "The Clock", entitled "Nicky", which concerns a moll trying to spring her man from the electric chair. I have listened to this one many times and it just gets better. The acting, the funereal atmosphere....its freaking fabulous. ALL of them are wonderful and worth your time, and perfect for getting into that Halloween mood I personally covet more than any other holiday vibe. You can download it here.

Enjoy, and comments are always welcome.
Also working on a new study based on my favorite film "Performance". Stay tuned.

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