Thursday, March 8, 2012

a certain AESTHETIC weariness

i am finding myself undergoing great changes. i am unexpectedly weary of things i used to love, and in love with things that never had occurred to me. it keeps coming on, growing into its own zeitgeist. there are all these repercussions and ripples hitting me at odd angles.

i am finding the self-consciously retro scenes that i used to adore now bore me. there is a missing dimension. there's an asshandedness to it all. in certain scenes girls wear certain things. there is a "look". and while i may LOVE the look, the concept of reproduction in that respect is what i am finding less affinity with. there are many many other dimensions and shades and discoveries that shine far brighter than a second-hand reproduction of something you weren't there for. my mind feels like a Brite-Lite, in the midst of a changing picture, and the combined light of all those discoveries makes strange new colors. all the lights are on.

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